A Small Town Paranormal Romance

the spirit d Nichole King









The Spirit is a wonderful paranormal love affair.

Here we have a story about a regular teenager in high school with a broken family. Carrie goes to live In Villisca Iowa with her grandparents for the summer. She finds out from a co-worker at her grandmother’s shop that there is a mystery in the small town. This mystery is anything but regular; it involves The Moore House and death, demons, ghosts and a few other supernatural entities. Carrie falls in love with Lucas and soon learns his secrets.

D. Nichole King has written a very good novel with believable characters; she has the teenage angst down pretty well. Her depiction of small town life amongst all these paranormal beings is spot on an undercurrent of evil exists in the town and the town’s people are in the dark. I loved her telling of her story and look forward to the next in the trilogy The Body.



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