EL-204 by Lucian Barnes Science Gone Amok



by Lucian Barnes

Genre: Horror

Release Date: October 24, 2014

Jason Lambert, a prominent M.I.T. geneticist, fear of natural death has become
a thing of distant memories. His latest concoction has, in a sense, increased
his longevity and made him nearly immortal. 

Over the past one hundred years, the technological advances of medical science
have rendered the deadliest diseases of the twentieth-century insignificant.
Cancer, heart disease, and AIDS are no longer a death sentence. Serums have
been developed to eradicate the problematic cells and their growth.

When he meets a beautiful woman, his world is turned upside down. Add to this
the government’s sudden interest in his research and things begin to spiral
out of control. We all know what happens when the military gets involved. Greed
takes over, and ethics are pushed to their boundaries. Will Jason be able to
juggle his responsibilities without compromising his integrity, or will his
experiments lead to the evolution of a new breed of monster?



El-204, his best book yet!


A brilliant scientist and his “lovey” wife work in a government lab with El-204 and STR.

Jason has invented a super vitamin that prevents cellular aging; no, not zombies, something much more sinister. EL-204 combined with his other invention strange and wonderful experiments are happening. Of course these crazy scientist types always create monsters; what Jason creates is the scariest yet.

Lucian Barnes has outdone himself, his best book thus far. Mr Barnes is an excellent story teller. I recommend this book for all horror readers that like a touch of experiments gone horribly wrong.

Five stars!






I spent most of my youth in
rural Ohio and began writing stories at an early age. Many of these early
attempts at story-telling were inspired by mysteries, such as those found in
the old Hardy Boys books and the
cartoon antics of Scooby Doo. As I entered my teenage years I began to drift
away from writing stories, instead picking up my pencil to compose lyrics for
heavy metal songs because my new dream was to become a musician. That vision
remained hopeful for many years after my high school graduation, but like most
dreams of this nature it died out as I became older.
After working several menial
jobs through the years that followed, my thoughts again began to turn toward
writing books. Inspired by my favorite author, Stephen King, I took an online
creative writing course and slowly began to develop my skills. In late 2010 I
was given a violent shove, both by the job market (which was horrible to say
the least, and still is) and by the persistent encouragement of close friends,
to pick up my pen and begin writing again.
In early 2012, I gave birth
(that’s almost what it felt like) to my very first published book, Desolace.
Finally having a completed novel in my hand was the best feeling in the world
for me, giving me a sense of accomplishment I had waited a lifetime for. Things
have grown easier for me with each book I have published. Since the initial
release of Desolace, I have released four more novels in the series. My latest
work is a futuristic horror book titled, EL-204.Amazon –






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