Sharkchild Looks to Kickstarter to Publish His Debut Novel, The Spirit Collectors

Hi đŸ™‚ I have known Matthew Allen Hahn for awhile. He needs a little help to get his project going. I volunteered to try and help him. Matthew is a talented author and I wish him success!

(Calabasas, CA) M. Amanuensis Sharkchild (author of The Dark Verse anthologies) looks to build support on Kickstarter to publish in hardcover and audiobook formats his debut novel, The Spirit Collectors—an engrossing tale of dark fantasy.

Sharkchild Logo

The hardcover version of the book will be housed in imitation leather full of foil stamping. It will have black-gilded pages and a transparent dust jacket to work in tandem with the cover beneath. The audiobook version of the book will be narrated by Sharkchild himself and will contain an accompanying cinematic score for the entire length of the unabridged telling. All of the artwork will be created by John F. Stifter and the audio production and music composition will be completed by Eugene Nesci (The Ravener).

The goal set out for this campaign is $14,000 (which must be reached by August 19th)—the very sum needed to cover the costs involved with editing, artwork, printing, and audio production. With adequate rewards to satisfy fantasy and horror fiction fans across the world alike, this project has the potential to be a tremendous success.

The entire first chapter of The Spirit Collectors is available for listening as it will be in the fully produced and soundtracked audiobook.


In the world of Awya, where cities are scattered across isles in a seemingly endless ocean called the Black Waters, an umyn boy by the name of Amory Demshen is unable to suppress the insatiable longing to explore Tempertime Cemetery—a place forbidden to those without proper training and knowledge. After a spryth guides the boy to a realm that links the isles of Awya together, he is thrust into the dreadful role of collecting Spirits by the beguiling Mr. Grey Pearl. To be successful at collecting spirits, Frin, the boy’s collecting jar, leads him throughout the Apocryphalum to gather the necessary tools. Powerful beings, potent magic, fantastical creatures, and hidden agendas await Amory at every turn as he spirals deeper and deeper into the darkness of the spirit collectors.

 The Spirit Collectors Image

About M. Amanuensis Sharkchild

M. Amanuensis Sharkchild is the author of The Dark Verse universe of award-winning occult, metaphysical, and fantastical horror stories that have the sole purpose of following you to the visions of your sleep. He lives in lurid wakefulness and lucid dreams, overtaken by visions that uncontrollably seethe in a torrent of horror and fantasy. As a zealot of the imagination, he embraces the strange, the bizarre, and the great unknown. His path of creation has only just begun.

Some of his other projects include Gravescabs and Dark Energy Discoveries. Gravescabs are fun, reversible plush covers that are placed over a base plush toy called a Skell. Dark Energy Discoveries is an EBM music project containing his rich vocal layers and soundscapes that are embodied by a virtual group of inter-dimensional beings who have joined forces to explore the ever-expanding reaches of existence.

M. Amanuensis Sharkchild
Chimerical Engineer
Author, Podcaster, and Artisan
I hope you will enjoy the excerpt and consider helping Matthew. If you can’t afford to help, please spread the word; donate one dollar. Thank you đŸ™‚

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