Fantastic Debut Novel Travel Glasses by Chess Desalls

TRAVEL  GLASSES: The Call to Search Everywhen, Book One by Chess Desalls

Travel_Glasses_Cover_300dpi 1600 by 2400


Chess Desalls’ debut novel; she’s on her way to having a great series.

Calla runs to sort out her life; little did she know soon she would be running as a time traveler. Valcas physically runs into Calla at her family’s lakeside cottage. He takes her to dinner to show how sorry he is; that dinner would change her life. Next thing she knows, she’s in a jet ski turned rowboat, and in the year eighteen-hundred-and-twelve.

Chess has written a page turner; from the first page I was gripped by her storytelling. I love the idea of glasses for time travel. And the characters, people she writes about, are so real to me that I am emotionally involved in the story.

Who is Valcas? She needs to find out. I don’t want to give away any part of Chess’ story. I want you to read the unfolding as I did. This is her debut novel and I know her series will be great if this first book is any indication of future work.


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