Oldworld Gasolines What Am I Talking About?

RED DENVER by D.L. Denham A Prequel (The Hegemon Wars)

Red Denver by DL Denham


I liked this book. The whole time I was reading, I thought back on the Star Wars scene with the racing machines, and also a bit of Mad Max.

Mr. Denham has written a prequel before the story, a bit unusual, but it works. The story takes place in a futuristic world with ruthless men who live on the edge of society. Roho, is a bad-boy hero who races Oldworld Gasolines, and fights to make points. He never loses and makes a powerful enemy in Soapy. Roho is considered dangerous and Soapy deals with him in a manner as old as time.

I am anxious to see more of Roho; I related with his character, a man living in an impossible world, doing the best he can. I would recommend Red Denver to readers who like futuristic worlds and Science Fiction.

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