Shattered Reality Don’t Miss This One!!!



Shattered Reality: Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles Book One  By Brenda Perlin

Shattered Reality is a journey through Brooklyn’s life. Brenda Perlin sets the stage for the choices Brooklyn made in her life. The details are set down so neatly, and so well done; I couldn’t help but be sucked in. The writing is in narrative style, so we get to know Brooklyn’s thoughts; this helps us understand why certain choices are made in her life. This story touched me deeply; it showed people at their lowest, and at their best. I read three-quarters of the book in one day! I won’t give away any of the plot, I want you to feel the unveiling of the story. Don’t miss this one!



2 thoughts on “Shattered Reality Don’t Miss This One!!!

  1. Wow Debb. That is so beautiful. You have a way with words… a word-smith, if you will. I love what you said. Thank you for the great review of Shattered Reality and for having the book review on your wonderful blog!! Yay!!!!!

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