Rebekkah Ford Does It Again !! Fantastic Read :)

The Devil's Third Book Cover


The Devil’s Third: Beyond the Eyes Book Three by Rebekkah Ford

I found The Devil’s Third so interesting, and loved reading it. Astoria Oregon has an eighteen-year-old named Paige, who is very special. Paige is still learning just how special she is. She has found out that she holds a power that has all the dark spirits divided, some want her dead, others want to use her power for their gain. Paige makes a deal with Bael, one she will come to regret.

Rebekkah Ford has done a fantastic job of creating a paranormal novel that has something for everyone. The Devil’s Third is filled with magic, mythology, action, and yes, even romance. Each chapter is set up with a different point of view; we see different sides to the story. I loved seeing the Nathan’s point of view; we get to see how he feels about Paige, his deepest emotions. In Paige’s chapters, we see her struggle with this burden that has been placed on her shoulders. I highly recommend this story for lovers of the Paranormal YA genre.




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