Lucian Barnes Best Book In The Series Desolace Thus Far

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537287_491763717548117_912737870_n outpost 13 cover


Outpost 13 (Desolace) by Lucian Barnes

My favorite book of Lucian Barnes so far, five stars!

Right away I noticed an improvement in writing style. Lucian’s writing flows very well, and reads even better. New characters are added, which makes for an even more interesting story. I love how a prologue is written, summing up the story so far, a person could read this one first if they so choose. More worlds are added, and some very interesting characters as well. Action scenes are increased which leads to more than one climax, and some very interesting reading.

Outpost 13 has twists and turns, and many surprises. This book in the Desolace series, is by far Lucian Barnes best work in the series so far. I look forward to reading the City of the Dead, the next book in the Desolace series.


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