Ian Woodhead Has A Zombie Series A Must Read !!

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Zombie Armageddon: The Unwashed Dead and Walking With Zombies

Zombie stories are popular right now, makes finding a good story tough. I have just found one you can, forgive me, really sink your teeth into. Ian Woodhead has written what will become a fantastic epic series.

In The Unwashed Dead, the first book, something strange is going on at Breakspear Gardens; residents have terrible headaches, with awful end results.

Ian’s approach to telling his tale is a bit different, characters are fleshed out fully, and each character has a unique story that ties into the main one. There are no disposable characters, and this makes the reader wonder who is dying next. The Unwashed Dead is a rollercoaster ride of many mini climaxes that lead us into the next book Walking With Zombies.

Walking With Zombies, to me, was even better. This story takes place in a bar, so now you have chaos in some rooms, and bliss in others. I loved the subplots within the main story, again Ian fleshes out the characters so well which makes for such realism. I know, people munching on others seems hard to swallow, but Ian makes it go down easy J After two books, we see a gathering of a few main characters which should carry into the third book. I can hardly wait!




2 thoughts on “Ian Woodhead Has A Zombie Series A Must Read !!

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