Lucian Barnes’ New Release Cemetery Hill Only 99 Cents !


This pic is the WHOLE cover, back and front. That cross is creepy.

The following is an excerpt taken from Cemetery Hill…

     It was a couple of hours before dawn when George’s persistence finally paid off. He had been biding his time, peering occasionally from the cracked open doorway, waiting impatiently for Brian to fall asleep. It almost seemed like he never would, but when his chin sunk to his chest after several long hours George didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity. Sneaking past the slumbering shaman was the easy part. Victoria’s body was light enough that he didn’t have to concern himself with causing a floorboard to creak as he crept by, but opening the door to the outside was another matter entirely. The rusted hinges groaned as he snuck out into the nightand George whipped his head around to make sure he hadn’t alerted Brian. A momentary hitch in his light snores was the only reaction he gave to the sound.

Releasing his hold on the door, George allowed it to swing shut on its own, hoping the swift movement would lessen the amount of noise it would make as it closed. Swiftly, he darted around the side of the building where he stayed for a few moments, letting his breath out as noiselessly as he could. Once George was certain his exit from the inn had gone undetected, he slipped through the shadows to the next structure. As he walked along the front side of the dilapidated framework, searching for a way inside, he found a large, wooden panel, secured to a metal track about ten feet over his head. It reminded him of an old, barn door. Gripping the edge he slid it aside, but only enough to squeeze through the opening.

The stable smelled of musty straw and decayed flesh, likely from prior rodent inhabitants which had starved to death when their food sources dried up. Though, there were still a number of corpses piled up behind the buildings so the stench might have just been seeping through the walls. With at least another hour or so before the first rays of sunshine would crest the horizon, George decided to look around. Keeping both hands ahead of him, sweeping back and forth through the darkness, he searched for anything that might be of use. After several minutes, and stumbling over a multitude of what were likely petrified horse turds, his eyes lit up. Underneath the palm of Victoria’s hand was what felt like a coiled section of rope. Perfect!

Wasting no time, he gathered it up and searched for one of the ends. Once he found it, George sat the old woman’s body against the wall of the stall and began to tightly bind Victoria’s legs together. Her lips were twisted into a malicious grin by the evil entity inside of her. Fear quickly escalated in her mind as she read the thoughts of the invading spirit. Victoria’s hands betrayed her will as they picked up the loose end of the rope, circling its coarse threads around her neck a few times before feeding it through a gap in the boards behind her then pulling it tight and knotting it around the bindings on her legs, crushing her windpipe and cutting off the air to her lungs as George leaned forward to secure the rope. He leaned back and forced a wicked smile to appear on her face when he finished. “You’ll be perfectly fine as long as you hold still and don’t try to escape,” George’s voice taunted within her mind.

Now that he no longer had to worry about losing his focus and accidentally allowing Victoria to come to the forefront, and very likely warning her son and his companions, he concentrated on exiting the fragile shell of the old woman. The added exertion he had caused her body by forcing it to move around beyond its normal limits, coupled with the emotional turmoil George had put her through, caused Victoria to pass out as he slipped from her body.



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