Rebekkah Ford…Questions And Answers An Interview

Hello Rebekkah 🙂 Thanks for coming .

Tell me about yourself so your readers get to know you.

I’m an author of a paranormal/fantasy trilogy called, Beyond the Eyes. I have a fascination with the unknown. I think maybe it’s because when my parents were married, they were the directors of the UFO Investigator’s League. They not only took on extraterrestrial cases but paranormal activity and Big Foot sightings as well.

I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, but now live in rural North Dakota with my awesome husband and cat Church. We love it here. I have an irreverent sense of humor, I love coffee, books, antiques, history, and good food. I think I’m a Hobbit. LOL. Although, I don’t have big, hairy feet.

How did your parent’s paranormal research affect your writing?

Well, I’m fascinated with the unknown. So I think my deep interest of the paranormal and knowledge of it is what fueled my desire to write about it.

What made you write your first novel?

The very first novel I completed wasn’t Beyond the Eyes. It was a book called Through the Looking Glass, about a girl who attempts suicide and instead of dying, her guide takes her on a spiritual journey. This book btw, won’t ever get published. It was basically a practice novel and therapy rolled up in one.

Which writer/writers have influenced you?

I’d have to say Anne Rice.

Are you reading another’s book in between writing?

I’m always reading. 🙂

Tell me about your Beyond the Eyes trilogy.

It’s basically about good against evil. In the first book (Beyond the Eyes), Paige’s character seems like a crying, selfish, teenager. But she’s a teenage girl who went through a lot in her short life. I remembered being her age and how fragile my emotions were, and I didn’t have near the problems she had. But throughout this trilogy, her character grows into a strong kickass fighter against evil. She’s fiercely loyal to her friends and would sacrifice her own self for them. This trilogy is packed full of magic, mystery, action, suspense, friendship, and love. Everything comes together in the third book (The Devil’s Third), and I left the story open because there are still countless adventures in store for these characters. Honestly, I wasn’t planning on writing a fourth book, but now I’m thinking I might. A lot of my fans are requesting I do so, which is wonderful.

How do you develop your characters? Do you keep outlines or files on returning characters?

My characters basically pop inside my head. I do files on them and a loose outline of the story. I do keep a notebook on hand and write notes as I’m writing my tale or if I think of an idea while I’m doing something else.

What’s the hardest step in the writing process?

Plotting. I think. Oh, and writing the first chapter because it has to grab the reader.

What are you writing now?

I’m writing two books at the same time. The first one is a spinoff novella of the Beyond the Eyes trilogy. The second one is a novel about an interesting character in this trilogy. It will be a standalone book; however, the people who have read my trilogy will have a deeper insight into this story.

Anything else you would like to add?


Yes, thank you so much for having me on your wonderful blog. I appreciate your support. I also want to thank my fans. Y’all rock.

Thank you so much for answering my questions. I’m sure your readers will enjoy your answers, I know I did 🙂

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