Chatting With Author Ian Woodhead

An afternoon with Author of Horror Ian Woodhead.



Lovely to have you here today Ian.


You are so well liked on Facebook. How can a man with such a sweet personality write Horror?

You’ll find that most horror writers are just like me, Debb. See it as therapeutic. A way to exorcise all those inner demons.

That would explain your wonderful personality .

Then again. maybe I just enjoy scaring people?

Why did you write your first book?

or grossing them out. 🙂

Ahhh, like to scare people do ya!

I wanted to write ever since I was a teenager.

And why was that?

I’ve always been a reader. Horror and sci fi mainly.

Do you have a theme that runs through your books ?

Now, I used to read more than the usual teen but, when i was 19, I suffered a near fatal head injury. When I came out of hospital I just couldn’t stop reading horror books. I spent a fortune on them!

All the major writers followed my the minor ones once I had read all of them. After a few months I started to want to write myself. It seemed easy enough.

Ha! The first stories were utter rubbish! Then life got in the way.

Five years ago, I picked up the pen again and tried one more time. This time, I did a little better.

It took me a few years to finish my first story. That was Third Sight. I believe I cut my teeth on that one. I learned quite a lot and believe me, the story that (I though) was finished doesn’t look very much like the one that’s available.

I lost count how many times it’s been rewritten!

Writing and rewriting honed your craft.

I’m still learning. Even now .

What’s the hardest part of writing?

That impulsiveness, that rush to finish and get it done so I can start the next one has never left me. I’m just learning to control it better these days.

Being impulsive is the hardest part of writing?

The hardest part? I’d think it’s keeping your mind on the job, not allowing yourself to get distracted.

Especially with Facebook.

Tell me about the town you were born in.

I was born in the city of Bradford. I still live there.

Small town ?

Not really, it had a population of around half a million. We also in the middle of one of the largest metropolitan areas in England.

Wow ! I didn’t picture that. I thought you would live in a small town.


What do you find is so different about American’s way of life? I have learned a bit about yours.

I’ve no idea, really as I’ve never been abroard.

Haven’t picked up anything from having American facebook friends?

I love Your English accent. 

Thanks.  :d

Weird, I think most of my fb friends live over there.

Is there a part of your personality you think your readers should know about?

Erm, I’m VERY shy?

Smile, yes you are.

And constantly doubt myself.

You shouldn’t, you are a fantastic writer !

Can’t help that.

Books help you tell a bit about yourself do ya think?

I’d say so, yes.

What of mine have you read?

Bags of Bones and Shades of Green.

Shades of Green was my second one. Can you remember the guy who worked in the pet shop?

Yes, but not his name .

He was based on me.

Oh wow, I could see that. I’ll keep an eye out.


What is the book you are writing now? Can you give me a hint about the storyline?

You’ll find bits of me in all my books. Speaking of which, you need to read more of mine.

Grin , yes Ian.

I’m writing a story called Kingdoms of the Dead. It’s a zombie thriller but with one major difference. It’s set on three parallel worlds that are all linked up.

Sounds delicious !

What’s next for you ? Where do you see your writing going in 2014 ?

I have six projects lined up for this year. Whether or not I’ll have them all released this year is another matter.

I admire your drive.

It’s not that big, hun. 5ogb, I think.


Is there anything else you would like to say?

Where’s my hug?



Well Ian , it has been a real pleasure having you here today.

It’s been cool!

Be good !

There’s no fun in that!

Giggle, true, but it’s safer !


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