Beyond the Eyes by Rebekkah Ford

Rebakkah Ford comes from a family of paranormal investigators , who better to write books with a paranormal theme.

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I enjoyed reading this book so much. Beyond the Eyes flows, and is a pleasure to read. The people, yes people, they seem that real, tell the story so well. Rebekkah is creating a mythology all her own, and it is fantastic.  I don’t want to say more and spoil the unveiling of this, just know it’s near and dear to me. Paige finds out she is special, just how special, she soon finds out. Her whole life has been leading to her finding out who she is. The storyline is simple on the surface, but has a layer underneath, one of good versus evil. The writing is good, and I believe Rebekkah’s writing will get even better still. I will be reading more of her work.

“I never thought I’d die at the age of 17, so when I received the death message, I was a little freaked out”—Paige

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Dark Spirits ( Beyond the Eyes Volume 2 )

“A tall, black-hooded figure floated toward the middle of the group. In unison the group stepped back like a retracting black wall”—Paige

Dark Spirits Cover

 The Devil’s Third ( Beyond the Eyes Volume 3 )

“The house was quiet, as if holding its breath. The world outside was teeming with life, but where I sat these walls were like the sideboards of a coffin, entombing me in darkness and finality, sucking me into a chasm of despair and heartache.”—Nathan

The Devil's Third Book Cover

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