Rags and Bones Ian Woodhead

Why is it the British do Horror so well ? Personally, I think it’s the weather . Ian Woodhead knows how to write Horror, and he has lots of titles to choose from.



Wow! Rags and Bones is one dark read. Loved it! The last time I have read anything this dark, was Clive Barker’s Hellraiser . This is THAT good. The story starts off fairly simply; a couple of guys going to find some women to get lucky. This is no normal date night; people are being burned for starters, and something is living under the town. Something not quite human. People are out of control, and are unleashing terrible acts of violence. All aboard the train going south, all the way down to ,,,well I can’t tell you that.  The writing is tight, and the story unfolds quickly, and violently. There is so much going on in this story, and all of the goings on unfold beautifully.

To Purchase  from Amazon   CLICK HERE

Ian’s Author Page  on  Amazon

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