Destined for Darkness by Lucian Barnes Horror at its Best



Have you ever had a calling? Something you were destined to do? Well, imagine that your destiny starts with something your father did, something so unimaginable, and so dark; and then this darkness follows you. That’s George’s destiny. Frank gets involved with a bad group near the college. And no matter how hard he tries to make his life better, he gets deeper into darkness, until Frank does the unimaginable. Frank has a baby, and life seems good for a time. George, Frank’s child, sees something no adult should see and this changes him.  Just what is George’s destiny? Can he change it?  Lucian has written a story that is chilling, and so spellbinding, I was unable to pull away. The tone of the story is set, child abuse and bullying, then it’s ratcheted up. The horror, and the darkness builds to a fever pitch. This story is woven so tightly, and told so masterfully, that it  will haunt readers for a very long time.

To purchase : AMAZON

Barnes and Noble

Lucian Barne’s Amazon Author Page


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