John Miller

John Miller is new to writing, and to date has written four books.  John also writes poems , and they are beautiful, and heartfelt.  He grew up in a small town, and this is reflected in his work . So, if you like adventure, mystery, and some romance, you will like John Miller’s work.

gladstone coyote town tiff


Jack Saunders has just had a messy divorce, and is driving across the Arizona desert. He takes a wrong turn and finds himself broken down by the side of the road. A woman on a motorcycle, a very nice bike, takes him into Gladstone to get the part he needs. Gladstone is a nice, quiet, simple town, suspended in time. Jack finds himself drawn to the town’s people. Why does he feel so comfortable there? Gladstone is a fun little short story. I loved the scenery, and I could just picture the canyon, and the blue sky. The ending of this short story haunts me; I didn’t want it to end. Gladstone is perfect for a quick read, and I am already missing the town and its’ people. I really LOVED this story.

To purchase Gladstone CLICK HERE

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